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Experienced Human Resources Specialist, Gaëlle van der Haegen created in 2004, her own HR consulting firm, Zanzali SPRL (note: dragonfly in Korean), providing support to companies in general Human Resources management. She also works as a career coach,  advising people who lost their job, in their search for a new professional challenge. In visual terms, the small dragonfly flies from one assignment to another to offer its Human Resources services.

Adopted at the age of seven by a Belgian family, Gaëlle undertook in April 2015 a “back to the roots” trip to her country of origin, South Korea. The objective of this trip was twofold: firstly, to discover her native country and secondly, to find the inspiration that would allow her to 'reconnect' with her country of origin without waiving her country of adoption, Belgium. This trip was a great discovery from a personal point of view, offering a rich source of inspiration. It led to the creation of bags inspired by different cultural influences, a harmonious fusion of different worlds. In July 2016, the brand YUSO  was born. YUSO, a Korean word, meaning "origin, history and will". Metaphorically, the dragonfly has now landed and wants to create in order to feel alive and make its mark. It wants to create original, unique and trendy handbags.

Coming from a big family, she wants to pay tribute to them; thus each YUSO bag is named after a family member.


Curious by nature and attracted by the discovery of different cultures,  YUSO creations are inspired by the many trips undertaken by Gaëlle van der Haegen over the years across the globe, spanning different continents.

Although more or less consciously, Korea also proved to be a great influence in Gaëlle's life, which is naturally reflected in YUSO creations. The dragonfly, the brand's logo, is the only Korean word which she still remembers from her childhood. In Korean symbolism, the dragonfly represents elegance and lightness and is the emblem of balance.