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Leather Care

The YUSO bags are handmade with high quality & carefully selected leather leftovers.

Leather is a natural material that comes from animal hides. It's natural, evolving, moving and softens with use. The hides may
have small markings, which are not defects.

To preserve all its qualities, we advise you to take special care of your bag.

The leathers must be protected, especially when they are light in colour. Bad weather, humidity and heat can damage the skin.

When the bag is not being used, store it carefully in its protective pouch without squashing it. Use silk paper to prevent it from losing their shape.

In order to conserve the original richness of the leather and its coloring, avoid all prolonged exposure to heat or intense light sources.

Avoid contact with water, oil, perfume and cosmetic products. If your bag becomes wet, dab the leather with a soft, light tissue to absorb the liquid.

Take care not to brush against abrasive surfaces. On certain leathers, the resulting scratches can be alleviated by delicately massaging.

Never machinewash your bag. If you stain your bag, cleanse it with a clean, damp cloth with glycerin Marseille soap.

Applying a non oil-based revitalizing cream from time to time will reduce colour fade in the leather. Before treating the whole bag, test on a small area for precaution.